Mary McAvoy became a writer after fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue abruptly halted her six year return to the workforce after at-home parenting her two children. Not one to be idle, she turned on her laptop and began to write. Her first novel, Love's Compass, is an engaging love story with contemporary and provocative thoughts about love, marriage, family and divorce woven throughout.

Mary has completed a second novella, The Setting of the Sun, which is a poignant story about an elderly woman who, on the day of her husband's funeral, looks back on her life in a New England mill town. Though a very different story than Love's Compass, this book also shares themes about love's power within the course of a life, and at the end of life.                                Buy The Setting of the Sun Now!

A third book - Love, Topaz - a full-length novel, is scheduled for publication in 2013. Again, love is central to the storyline, as a young writer, Jerome, sneaks his muse, his love, Topaz, into a writers retreat for his one week stay. As Jerome and Topaz's love seeps out of their room, it ignites the affections between guests at the retreat and residents of the small community.

Mary lives in New England, where she was born and raised. Her nature essays and photos are featured at her blog, SilverLining, and random thoughts are expressed in her blog, sublime days. Her business, Syntax and Style, offers customized web platforms for authors. She earned a bachelor’s degree in English/Classics from Regis College in Weston, Massachusetts.