Love's Compass is a captivating novella by Mary McAvoy
that examines love, marriage, family and divorce -
within an engaging love story.

Love's Compass is a wonderful book club choice.

A quick read, Love's Compass will fit into your busy schedule and your beach bag!


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As her young adult children depart from the nest, Liv finds that her husband is drifting away, too. What is pulling him from her at a time when they should be enjoying their lives together? Feeling abandoned and alone, Liv meets and falls in love with Orin, an artist at a crossroads in his own journey. 

Love's Compass explores a husband’s quiet exit from marriage and examines a woman’s thoughts and feelings as she tries to find her footing in a place where she never expected to be.

Love’s Compass is a provocative look at love, marriage, family and divorce.

Love's Compass asks if the ending of a marriage should be considered a failure. It questions whether a marriage should continue if it hinders full self-actualization for either partner.

Sample chapters 

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